No New Bias Definition

Weekly Continuation

April expiration was similar to March, but April’s spike lower was a little different. The trade to $1.481 was the low of April’s closing range whereas expiring March reversed higher, trading as high as $1.720 before fading to settle at $1.615, April appeared amply offered through the process. Settlement at $1.575 was $ .04/dt below March (significantly different from March settling $.875 below February) and was the lowest contract month settlement since July ’20 went off the board at $1.495.

April’s last minute spike lower had the earmarks of a classic capitulation low except that a volume spike was missing. With that critical difference noted, trade for the holiday shortened week had a striking similarity to the week March went off the board. With the premium awarded new prompt April the weekly continuation chart showed an “outside” week reversal higher (noted at the time also without the requisite volume ). Even so, April rallied to trade the calendar March high at $2.009 before retreating to close the “expiration” gap left between $1.720 and $1.782 on 03/12.

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