Welcome to Ecomenergy

After coordinating the purchase and sale of physical commodity for twenty five years at several delivery points, we developed a tremendous respect for technical analysis. While supply and demand for physical gas has an impact on prices, the supply and demand for contracts traded on the exchange can have an even more dramatic impact on price. Ecomenergy is dedicated to the singular focus of the technical interpretation of price movements in natural gas and crude oil. It is our belief that fundamental information is always reflected in the current price and therefore analyzing price history and try to lead to future direction can lead to profitable trades. The website will provide analysis of the price movements using the tools listed below. Occasionally, I may include some Candlestick patterns, but for the most part, the tools will remain understandable. Ecomenergy will not provide recommendations for positions as we have no understanding of the client’s risk tolerance. We will provide support and resistance areas based upon the interpretation of the charts.