Continued Bearish Bias

Weekly Continuation

Going to keep it brief this evening and will expand during the week as my granddaughter decided to give me her respiratory bug. Actually, not much to say except the element of trade that has kept the market from becoming grossly over sold is the premium that the new prompt brings after expiration of the previous contract. Will go into the specifics during the week but the market is oversold and is setting up for a reversal (doubt it will be today).

Major Support: $2.82-$2.78, $2.74, $2.608, $2.47, $2.00, $1.991-$1.96, $1.795-$1.766
Minor Support $2.68, $2.38-$2.26, $2.17
Major Resistance $3.00, $3.16, $3.48, $3.536, 3.59
, $3.65

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