Doesn’t Get More Bearish

Weekly Continuous

Lets look at the technical side of trade last week– Lower low testing major support (holds for now) on increasing volume and increasing open interest. That sounds like a market that wants to decline further. The big area is the support zone where trade left last week at $3.00 should it hold then prices may rebound to test breakdown areas at $3.16, $3.25, and $3.32. Further declines will send prices back to the range trade of the late summer ($2.80-$2.64).

Last week’s action was off of bearish weather reports for November but I am not convinced they can get any more bearish and it is likely that weather will change. The bearish start to Q4 prices reminds my of a couple of years ago — but I have to look them up to comment. In the meantime — wanted to have you look at something I wrote to a client last week..

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