Market Winding Tighter In Range

Daily Continuous

Seems to me that this is starting to feel like a market that is winding its way to an issue. When I was a kid (few days ago) we used to have balsa woods plane that you would wind the rubber band up so tight and throw it in the air- releasing the rubber band to power the plane. This market is behaving the same way as the range gets tighter and tighter within the larger range — something is going to give. Whether the plane takes off or crashes into the lawn and the band breaks is unknown. Stick with the range trade but start to lighten up on selling premium.

Major Support: $2.47, $2.00, $1.991-$1.96, $1.795-$1.766
Minor Support $2.38-$2.26, $2.17
Major Resistance$2.83, $3.00, $3.536, 3.59

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