Gap Open For Prices

Weekly Continuation

When the week started — prices gapped lower and never came close to closing the gap during the holiday week. Discussed the historical tendencies of price action around the holiday with the declines consistent. In some years the decline is severe, some modest, the average of the last ten is about 10%. After closing at $2.765, gap-piing lower on Monday/Tuesday when trading resumed. On Thursday, after trading to the week’s low of $2.500 the prompt reversed higher from support and registered a decline of 12.7% from the 08/31 high. Given that October continued to follow the recent trend on the technical script the guidance is that the trading range will likely continue through at least the remainder of October’s tenure.

The gap left on 09/05 remains open between $2.708 and $2.735, together with a trend line drawn from the August and pre – Labor Day highs will present formidable resistance just below the aforementioned June and July highs. Expect October to close that gap and test the trend line tested over the next couple of weeks. At least as often as not the post Labor Day low turns out to be the low for calendar September and October settles premium to its immediate predecessor (about 75% of the time).

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