Stalls At High End of Range

Weekly Continuous

Prices reversed from a new low for September’s tenure and the soon to expire prompt had a gap higher, finding similar selling at similar levels tested earlier in the month. Before September expiration (about exactly midway between the July and August settlement values) the expiring prompt closed the gap and ended with a last two day gain. New prompt October (carrying a $.121/dt premium when September settled at $2.556) the new contract month immediately built on that premium closing on the first day of its tenure at $2.806…right in the middle of the zone of resistance between the June and July highs. October tried twice more to close above that zone (trading to highs of $2.865 and $2.860) but both times ended those trading sessions lower.

The new prompt gas is following the historical technical script fairly well. As discussed prices around Labor Day have a period of weakness on either side of the holiday. The prompt gas tends to rally to a Labor Day high before weakening immediately before or immediately following the holiday period. Most often that weakness leads to a mid – September low. The average of the declines over the last ten years is about 10%.

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