A Defining Week

Weekly Continuation

The market has prompt gas construct and remain confined within a tight trading range about a third as wide as the range constructed between the range traded during calendar March for a while. The expectations were that prompt September would remain within that range for the duration of its tenure. Then there were four straight weekly lows between$2.457 and $2.492 (and others in the neighborhood), and the tendency of September gas to trade the low of its tenure in early August, fed the bias is that prompt gas is winding up for a run later into the quarter. Well I did not see was the likelihood of a short covering event the likes of which I can’t recently recall.

Open interest (the total of contracts open in the market) has been falling since a peak of 1,389,864 on June 6th (4 days after the June low at $2.136). As written here many times, when open interest falls while price increases the presumption is that participants buying contracts to offset those previously sold short is a significant contributor to an increasing bid. Since that June low prompt gas had traded as high as $2.839 (the June Q2 high) as the liquidation of open interest remained a more or less orderly process while the weekly closing trading range between +/- $2.47 and $2.80 was constructed. That ended this past week.

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