Near Term Support Holds

Weekly Continuous

Last Week’s low broke slightly lower than expiration week, as September did trade a lower low ($2.457 vs $2.463 previous week. That extends the seasonal Q3 decline to 13.5% from the June Q2 high ( less than half of the ten year average for the decline) and goes into the books as a violation of the July low for the fourth straight year. The absence of any follow through after trading a lower low says something about the support that we have talked about for the last several weeks. Prompt gas hasn’t traded an “outside” August (trade through both the July low and high) since 2010 but back then it use to do it on a regular basis (’10, ’09, ’07, ’02 and ’01). Given the “recent” history trading through $2.793 (the July high) seems like a low probability event.

For the fourth straight week support above $2.450 limited any further decline. The last lower low was $2.448 on June 21st. The prompt did start out a little stronger (trading to a high of 2.693) after settling the previous week at $2.638 but quickly failed. For eight straight trading days prompt gas failed within the range of the last high volume day (July 20th) when a few more than 500,000 contracts traded. The high that day was $2.789. Trading highs within the range of a high volume day is characteristic of the continuing consolidation and construction of a trading range. The zone between the July high and the June high, $2.839, forms the upper boundary the recent range.

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