Bears Continue to Rule

Weekly Continuation

This week’s decline left the March contract and the deferred contracts below all closely watched moving averages. These levels have the weekly closing price at lows not seen since late September ‘20. Readers are no doubt familiar by now with the technical presumption that arises when price ends the week below the prior week’s low. More meaning is added to that presumption when the close is at a multi – year low. discussed last week about the market developing a “bases” or a consolidation range for which prices can rally or decline.

Primarily because of the gas market’s persistent extremely oversold condition my thoughts were strongly suggesting that the twelve – trading day range since the beginning of February was likely the initial stage of the construction of a defensible low. Undercutting the consolidation range puts that theory to rest (for now) but does not change the current extreme position the market is in nor the expectations of the near term future. Beyond that, acknowledgement that the historically disproportionately important January low, which withstood another challenge, there is little to add other than the eighth decline in nine weeks has left the consensus of technical indicators (which improved a little last week) profoundly negative, some indicators more oversold that at any time in the history of trading natural gas futures.

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