Bias Switch

Weekly Continuous

The break down of the trend line (mentioned on Friday) was a clear signal that prices were headed lower. That is why some of these technical levels are so important– they signal break down’s or break out’s. From there the question remained would the break out area around $6.45 hold which it did momentarily before capitulating, opening the door for prices to collapse another $.20. It is clear that the historical trend of weaker prices into early December remains well in place. The consensus of technical indicators had made steady, incremental progress since late October, gave up most of that improvement and retreated to neutral with a price negative bias.

Market internals were mixed during the past week but not nearly as weak as one might be expect given January’s reversal lower, average daily volume was much less than during Thanksgiving week by an estimated 90,000 contacts. Volume is supposed to expand if a substantial price move is sustainable.

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