Reversal Week

Weekly Continuous

I have no clue what stimulated the market to the opening gap of that size (last Monday) but it took the prompt through the still rising 200 – day SMA. The run did not last long as December quickly fell to close the gap and continued lower. After back – to – back weekly gains, the first since the final run to the August highs, on Friday a failed recovery attempt, terminated ending up as a downside reversal from just above the previous week’s high to close the reversal lower. The week ending daily reversal left December back below $6 (where most of the trade during it’s tenure as prompt has been spent). Critical support for December is between there and its October and to date November lows ($5.345 –$5.614). Events like this week’s reversal following an opening gap and then the moving average cross along with other factors suggest that rallies in December gas will be enthusiastically sold.

The last time the continuation 10 – week (SMA) crossed through the 40 – week was during January AFTER the construction of the December ’21 low and remember moving averages are always “lagging” indicators. The 10 – week remained there for several weeks until prompt gas kicked off on the late winter/early spring rally.

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