High End of Range

Daily Continuous

Had nothing to add to the Daily from Wednesday as prices were just at the low end of the range and all to be said was trade the range. The same could be said for yesterday with two differences– 1) we are at the high end of the range (selling zone here shortly), and 2) prices rallied after a bearish storage report. As we have discussed — when price rallies on bearish news — something isn’t right. We will need confirmation of that hypothesis today but would be more patient in selling the rally today.

Major Support: $6.519, $6.504, $6.38, $6.02, $5.623,
Minor Support $6.42, $5.548, $5.40-$5.45
Major Resistance:$7.18, $7.532, $7.71-7.75, 8.021, $9.05-$9.12,$9.35, $9.40, 9.664
$9.67, $9.9

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