Price Collapse

Weekly Continuous

Prices declined off of the “fake” rally on the rail strike and closed the week down. The “outside” week range with the close approximately equal to the previous week’s low is a significant technical negative. The coming week will be critical for October. Given the weekly reversal, weak close, the first close under the continuation 20 – week SMA since the week of the July Q3 low, the technical odds favor further testing of the last two weekly lows. Violation of that recently support would suggest an immediate test of the August lows $7.532 – $7.550 (the August low of October gas was $7.536).

Market internals continue to provide little support for any continuation of the uptrend…and not much more for extension of the decline from the August high. This week open interest declined as prompt gas rallied to close higher from Thursday to Thursday…a neutral indication at best. Open interest has remained in tight range all summer . Average daily volume was just about unchanged even though volatility increased– neutral.

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