Wild Volatility

Weekly Continuous

Last week was quite something as a new Q2 high was traded on Wed, through the May high (prompt gas has now traded $6.128 or 173.3% above the December 30th – “Q1” low) and then through last week’s low. On Wednesday July dropped $1.119 (from 9.546 to 8.427) in just an hour. Yee Haw.

In past weeks the historical seasonal pattern of prompt gas between around the Memorial holiday (05/15 and 06/15) has been discussed. Over the years prompt gas has consistently traded a pre – Memorial Day high, fallen to a post – holiday/early June low and then rallied into mid – June. June before going off the board and July since has essentially followed the historical script with astounding and uncharacteristic volatility. The ten – years average of early June rallies is 16.65%. From Thursday’s (06/09) low July rallied 14.1%.

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