Additional Gains May Occur But Running into Serious Resistance Areas

Daily Continuous

For a Sunday night, price action was subdued. Wrote about the tendencies of intra-month movements recently in the Weekly section and would advise a read. Daily movement may support some additional gains but they are likely to be shallow versus last months gains on various days. This are between $5.70 and $6.00 needs some probing by the bulls, while any decline back below $5.40 will find buyers. April may turn into a range bound month as the market further defines summer injections and the impact from the war.

Major Support:$5.27-$5.199, $5.001, $4.40-$4.26, $4.187, $3.972, $3.734, $3.63, $3.584-$3.522
Minor Support: $5.063, $5.04, $4.88, $4.60-$4.557
Major Resistance:
$5.65, $5.83, $5.97, $6.24