Does April Follow Recent Trends

Weekly Continuation

For the 12th consecutive month prices were well – bid through expiration, the majority of the time, during theses long run of price strength into the monthly expiration, the new prompt has been sold soon off after its predecessor has settled. Recall that March traded its contract high on 02/02 and then fell $1.696. February traded up to $4.077 on 12/28 and then fell to $3.536. January traded to $5.518 coincident with December expiration and then fell to $3.630 in six trading sessions. The last two of those when the calendar January and February traded lows, were higher lows. Granted, there are some international issues that may effect this recent trend but that may not break the trend but rather delay it.

The coming summer strip were largely unaffected by the expiration related volatility. At week’s end the summer was challenging resistance at previous weekly closing highs. It will be informative if the prompt April challenges it support levels in the coming week, providing the opportunity for the summer to weaken.

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