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The day I decide to remember history — is the day prices correct over $.60 downward– all I can say is I wish I had that kind of influence on the Craps table. Seriously, prices corrected yesterday but tonight they are trying to rally again– not sure what the strength is leaning with — fundamentals are bullish and have been for the next two week period which begs the question of why the sell off? May be in for additional volatility until the market realizes that the ending winter inventories are likely to be at a 200+ Bcf deficit to the 5year average (March being average demand). There I go again into the fundamental world — so please disregard the last comment.

Major Support: $4.19-$4.186, $3.734, $3.63, $3.584-$3.522
Minor Support:$4.81, $4.73, $4.52, $4.38
Resistance: $5.81-$6.13, $6.181