After $1.90 Decline in Seven Days – A Rest

Daily Continuous

If you are a bear and thought you were going to get another $.40 decline after the last $1.90+ then grow up or stop trading. Now the market should hit a consolidation trade for a period of time. The fundamental folks all say the declines are because of forecasts. Guess its going to be 70 in Chicago all winter— you know we should address this man made global warming — it having an impact on trading. Whoa, this kinda of sarcasm got me in trouble with a few of you last fall– and that too was about forecasts. So let me digress to what I understand — prices will not go to zero and trees don’t grow to the sky. Time to chill for a while– did I mention that gap??

Major Support: $3.734, $3.584-$3.522
Minor Support:
Major Resistance: $3.91,
$4.02, $4.127, $4.25 $4.61, $4.67, $4.735, $4.825, $5.109-$5.175, $5.339

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