Collapse Take Prices Down to April Lows

Weekly Continuous

While prices rallied into the December settlement that settlement was below November (the first time a prompt has settled lower than the prior month since April settled discount to March) suggested that the character of the uptrend had changed, Tuesday’s decisive violation of the conventional support surrounding 4.70, the 20 – week SMA for the first time since early Q2 confirmed those assessments. The average of the declines from the fall (winter) over the last 20 years is 37.9% – the declines from the Oct 6th high to the low last week was 37.5%.

While prompt gas lost $1.345 this last week (the largest one – week decline since late February ’14 ($1.526), prompt gas remained above the rising 40 – week SMA (currently 3.905), though looking at the declines in the after market on Friday, expect that level to be tested early this week. The last time that prompt gas approached the continuation 40 – week SMA was over a five-week period during March and April before beginning the rally that resulted in the October high and the summer and fall’s bullish bias. The time before that was just prior to January ’21 expiration when the soon to expire prompt traded to $2.238 and seven weeks later the February high printed at 3.316.

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