Prices Firm Above $3.00

Weekly Continuous

Discussed my thoughts that the high for Q2 may not be in last week and I do not consider the retest of the earlier high of $3.15 last week to fulfill my expectations. That said, last week’s close was the highest weekly close in the July contract suggesting strength coming into this coming week. We have seen this type of activity several times this spring where the week ends well bid or well offered only to see a reversal when it opens the following week. I am not convinced the $3.15 is the Q2 high and would prefer a retest of support, followed by a rally that defines the Q2 high.

Prices did close right on the downward sloping trend line off of the Nov ’19 high that forms the resistance area for the “wedge” discussed previously. Last week’s action occurred with higher volume and gaining open interest which are both confirming market internals to higher highs yet to come.

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