OK Something Maybe Forming

Daily Continuous

Well, perhaps the market is starting to gather the fortitude to attack the $3.00 top end of the range as most of the other commodities have during the last month (some on numerous occasions). If gas does not garner the momentum to break above $3.00 it is miss a great chance to do so. From my trading perspective, I am not going to be selling at the resistance on the first opportunity and rather observe how the market behaves. We all know what will happen if the rally falls short again.

Support: $2.78, $2.71-$2.70, $2.658, $2.52, $2.422-$2.414
Minor Support:$2.876, $2.694, $2.483, $2.162
Major Resistance: $2.98-$3.05, $3.12
Minor Resistance: