Gas Remains in “Comfort Zone”

Daily Continuous

Prices continued to the downside yesterday and into the comfort area that held trade during the calendar February. The very small gap from Feb 1st at $2.712 is likely the low for the month- therefore- expect prices to stay with in the majority of the range for February (either side of $2.82). It seems that the April contract, though a little weaker, is also staying within the comfort zone.

Support:$2.834, $2.74, $2.373$2.356,$2.255-$2.176
Minor Support: $2.806, $2.71, $2.60-$2.554,$2.483, $2.162
Major Resistance: $2.98-$3.05, $3.082, $3.316-$$3.396, $3.486
Minor Resistance:$3.172