Not Much to Add

Daily Continuous

Not a lot of change in the trade yesterday from what I discussed this morning. Mini range waiting on new news or another shoe. This gap is developing as a key support zone due to the fact it opens up further declines as discussed. A breakdown may also break the bullish bias (long term discussed here for two weeks) the market has maintained if it is extended far enough. From my fundamental folks, I am not sure how much warmer the temps can get so any adjustment in the forecasts may bring light panic to the bears. Speaking of which, I took a first look at the “winter is over” idea and remembered 2015, 2016, and 2017 on the charts. I will break down the results in the long term section during the day tomorrow.

Support: $2.425,$2.373, $2.255-$2.176
Minor Support: $2.162
Major Resistance: $$2.74-$2.789, $2.98-$3.05,
Minor Resistance: $2.55, $2.649, $2.798

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