Expectations Being Met

Weekly Continuation

As discussed in the Daily and the Mid Week updates, closing that gap from ’19 was important and unexpected during the Nov tenure as prompt. Had a stronger indication that the gap would be traded above when the Dec contract takes over this coming Thursday (thereby gaping above the old gap), followed by the Dec prompt retracing and actually filling the gap. All of those expectations were thrown out as Nov closed gap on a Daily basis, but could not confirm the legitimacy of the strength buy closing the week above the gap. Instead, prices weakened and closed the week below the gap area (seen below).

The Gap in Daily Continuous – Back to 2019

Technical behavior interprets higher weekly closes and breakouts through well – defined resistance (held the market since 2019) are bullish indications that a market intends to continue higher. Unfortunately, the breakout to a new high was not supported in the immediate or differed contracts, November was the only contract of the next nine to record a weekly gain. A highlighted earlier, technical orthodoxy requires confirmation, perhaps it runs a little more during the three expiration, but I would expect December to continue to weaken as highlighted last week. 

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