Gap is Closed in Early Trade – Not Confirmed at Close

Daily Continuous

Price surprised me as they closed the gap going back to 2019 that sets up a new world (see Weekly section). Key to remember that the market did not close the session above the gap (technical technicality) and therefore has to be questioned. Seems like a good area to sell with stops just above as a low risk area if you are so inclined, but be careful with Dec as it showed some strength but did not join Nov in a new high which brings a certain amount of doubt to the whole daily move.

Major Support: $2.476-$2.446, $2.392,$2.258-$2.253, $2.219
Minor Support:$2.79, $2.638, $2.508, $2.339
Major Resistance: $3.047-$3.053, $3.101, $3.207

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