Gap in Daily Closes – Meaning

2 Year Daily Continuation
Weekly Continuation

I did not think that the gap in the Daily Chart would be filled during November trade (pink line above), but like other events I am wrong. There was never a doubt that the gap would be filled (that’s because Dec was trading north of the gap at $3.34), but filling it with November has some implications. As mentioned in the Daily, the fact the gap was closed is important but prices did not close the day above that gap ($3.047), which leaves it unconfirmed. More importantly, when the market closes above (the Nov or Dec contract) the level around $3.00-$3.04 it will then become support (what was resistance becomes support) for a potential extended period of time. That said, should Nov remain above this area, expect Dec to at least test the zone during its tenure. The longer the zone remains support it may be the base for a period of weeks.

This rally has been based on some sort of fundamental driver and should that driver be mitigated then prices may trade around this area or below for a few sessions and possibly into and through expiration. If the driver remains and this area become support then its a new world for the near term and you have to look at higher prices for resistance because a floor has been established.

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