Resistance Zone Coming

Daily Continuous

Major Support: $1.611, $1.555$1.519, $1.481

Minor Support: $1.767-$1.78, $1.833
Major Resistance:$1.883, $1.993, $2.029, $2.08-$2.10, $2.34, $2.437,
Minor Resistance:

Price broke beyond minor resistance yesterday and are now poised to test the resistance area that has held prices since late January. This will be the third test, which corresponds to the third test of support last week, as prices traded to the lows. As you are aware, I have been a range trader this year between $2.00-$$1.60 and will continue this behavior on this test of resistance. With that said, I am not likely to short the price action on the test as I have twice before. Lets see what happens.