Excitement Reins

Major Support: $1.611
Major Resistance: $1.98, $2.029, $2.08-$2.10, $2.34, $2.437, $2.48-$2.52,
Minor Resistance: $1.883,

Excitement rules the market as price fell on the storage release. I am neither bullish nor bearish on Nat Gas as the volatility in the stock market has focused my interests.  Remember, I am a trader — I want volatility and Nat Gas is not bringing it on yet. So now we sit chasing the low end of the recent range — think as a trader, I will be buying dips into the $1.60’s — Duh.  Does it get down to the lows from 2016 at $1.611 — no clue as it has been bought well before, recently. What happens if it dips below that support— Where is the gas market headed —- OOOOHHHH My.