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Range Onward

Daily Continuous

Daily Continuous

Major Support: $3.125-$3.114, $3.10-$3.082, $3.0029, $3.005

Minor Support: $3.141-$3.132,

Major Resistance: $3.342, $3.366, $3.418, $3.494

Minor Resistance: $3.223

I will be very brief today as nothing is new.  Storage comes out a little above expectations from the pundits but with in the range on recent ICE transactions and price decline to the same support zone that has held declines for a couple of weeks.  Nothing more to report from a technical side except volume was light for a Thursday according to my early estimates. Buy support and hold the stops according to you risk profile.  Would not work options near term as this market has little volatility (duh) but I am not sure I see any coming in the next week — perhaps writing some expecting expiration may enhance an otherwise quiet book.

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