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Defiying All

Daily Continuous

Daily Continuous

Major Support: $3.108, $3.045, $2.956, $2.874, $2.836, $2.762, $2.711, $2.704

Minor Support: $3.152, $3.13, $2.938, $2.783, $2.704, $2.695, $2.61

Major Resistance: $3.297,$3.341, $3.431

Minor Resistance: $3.368

So prices start weak and continue for a brief while and then just as they have for numerous expirations started to rally and for a brief moment or two trade higher than Dec— what’s with that. Not a trend indicator as discussed yesterday — but there seems to be an element of trade that likes buying between $3.11 (Nov) and$3.135( Dec). With that in mind lets see what the market tells us today because from a technical perspective the market is in the middle of the range and continues to consolidate, giving no indication of further intentions.

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