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Daily Continuous

Daily Continuous

Major Support: $2.734-$2.708, $2.693, $2.643, $2.598

Minor Support: $2.778, $2.63

Major Resistance: $2.84, $2.891,$2.94, $3.01

Guess folks are quite excited about the upcoming record storage withdrawal.  Forecasts had an increase in demand for the next 10 days but not enough to spark a dime in prices. Guess you get to play last week’s cold twice — once last week when the cash market found success and this week while folks get excited about 320ish for a storage release.  You fundamental folks are an interesting lot— I stick to the techs and will be selling on the rally as the market defined it’s bias last month and in Nov—- the question is how far does the run go to add more shorts.

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