Relying on and interpreting the information the market provides us, EcomEnergy provides the subscriber with our outlook for possible trading ideas and hedging on a weekly basis.  These strategies will provide target price levels for purchases for Buyers or sales for Sellers of futures contracts and will periodically include alternative option strategies  ( Please note that EcomEnergy can not pick bottoms nor tops in market — we strive to provide target zones that over time should provide the user solutions to their hedging programs). Should the market behavior require daily updates or adjustments the subscriber will be provided daily market alerts.

EcomEnergy also provides its clients with custom strategies (catered to the client company’s requirements) upon request. These custom strategic plans start with an assessment of what the clients objectives of the hedging program are, then our staff will propose a series of positions to attain these goals, if possible.  Hedging programs never end and they continually roll into the future.  The strategic programs that EcomEnergy presents will have monthly, quarterly and annual assessment and adjustments to the portfolio pursuant to the clients objectives   These custom strategies will include options and futures contracts in trying to attain the objectives identified at the initial review.  These Custom Strategies will be priced based upon complexity and maintenance requirements.