Fundamental Analysis

This is a key element influencing price movement as it tracks the physical flows of natural gas through out the country. With any commodity there is a daily physical supply and demand for natural gas.  Utilizing and summarizing information from BENTEK Energy and Baker Hughs, subscribers to the website will have access to the latest information on:

  1. Aggregate U.S. production of natural gas.
  2. Volume of natural gas being imported from Canada, and offloaded from the LNG (liquefied natural gas) facilities in the Gulf and East Coast.
  3. Summarize the U. S. demand for natural gas.
  4. Update the subscriber to any new pipeline expansions and new supply sources and their potential impact on the price movements and hedging strategies.
  5. Updates from the EIA (Energy Information Administration) on storage levels in the U.S. market.  
  6. The Baker Hughes Rotary Rig Count updates, reporting the number of oil and gas rigs operating from week to week.

Each of these pieces contain knowledge that every prudent hedger or trader should be monitoring and by subscribing to EcomEnergy these fundamental factors are combined with technical information in a single source subscription.